Our Foundation

Dominion Health Care Foundation
is a rapidly growing non-for-profit organization since October 2020. We take an unconditional approach to the standard by providing allied health training. This process
has proven to yield higher performance efficiency over the years with a goal to provide career development for careers in both the allied and advanced career development that do not require a 4-year college degree. Fundamentally, this mission is filling gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities by assessing individual needs and addressing those gaps through targeted training and long-term employment opportunities.
At Dominion Health Care Foundation our structured platform organization vision and mission is to offer and provide community services, educational events and to provide training in the allied health field by offering scholarships, books, equipment needed to start the individual with Determination and allowing them to compete with Success.
By taking a longer view we can focus not only on what the individual needs to know now but also how they can grow and develop over time to retain employment and open doors for additional advancement opportunities.
These opportunities we want to offer along with skillful training will assist those in accomplishing their career objectives and create a secure future for themselves and or their families.